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    how can I make app use all available space in window?

      I'm trying to embed my flash app in a browser window and have it use all available space. I've found plenty of tutorials online that tell me how to make it take up the whole window, and they work, but that isn't what I want. I have other content on the page (a bar of links across the top). I thus want the flash app to take up the full width and almost all the hight, leaving enough vertical space for the link bar at the top. Right now, I have it set to 100% for both height and width in the object tag, and it displays the link bar, but the bottom of the flash gets chopped off (an amount exactly equal to the height of the link bar). It seems that setting height=100% means 100% of the full window height, not the unused height. Is there any way to make it do what I want?