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    How do I install Fotomoto on a Muse site?


      I've found very little information about installing Fotomoto on a Muse site. The best answer seems to be to add it via html, but several people have suggested that but I have not seen ANYone say they have gotten it to work. Does anyone know if it's possible? If not, are there other photo printing or fulfillment sites that do integrate with Adobe Muse? Does anyone have a real-world example of a successful site that sells photos with Muse?


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          Grzegorz Róg Level 2

          Haven't seen it done, but if it's only one of JS, there is a way to integrate with Muse. All you need is to enter Site Properties and you'll find a section that lets you add code for <head>. Put it there and it should be successfully imported. Afterwards, all your images should get "buy" button. That being said, I don't think Muse is the best solution to integrate with any e-commerce engine. It typically requires more code changes and adjustments and this might be a bit of the pain in Muse. As an alternative, if you do not offer hundreds of artworks (if you do, probably Muse is not the best solution, too), you can use simple PayPal generated buttons and put them in the Insert > HTML section.



          Good luck!