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    Dreamweaver CS5.5 ?

    thomas s.c44037466

      I recently installed update 2017-001 on my Mac running High Sierra. This caused it to freeze up. I had to erase the OS and install new (with help from an Apple tech guy). Then I migrated from my Time Machine back up disk the User Account data. 3rd party software was not installed. Dreamweaver was not installed in the migration. I tried to install Dreamweaver CS5.5 but when I click on the "installer" I get an error message telling me to close the Disc Image. When I do this everything quits. I tried to phone Adobe but after a 30 minute wait I gave up. I then found they don't offer phone support for this software. I tried the on line Chat (twice) and got no help at all. As a matter of fact the people I chatted with seem to me to be incompetent. They spent more time saying hello, sorry for the wait etc. than understanding my problem and offering a solution. I just got an email saying the case had been closed. They got the worse rating possible in the survey they sent me.


      Today I searched "Dreamweaver CS5.5 installer not working for High Sierra. I found a "Java Run Time" for the update 2017-001. Installed this but it didn't allow the installer to work.


      Has anyone experienced this problem? I don't want to purchase the newest version of DW as I don't use the software enough to justify buying another DW version.


      Please help!

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          I've tried to do a search myself for this and it's definitely a conflict between something in the older software and the newer OS.  You are talking about things that were manufactured 6 years apart.  In computer terms it's a long time.  Unfortunately, this isn't as simple as putting newer tires on an older car.  It's probably closer to putting together a Model T Ford engine with parts manufactured by Tesla.


          If you just need DW for a short while, you can purchase just a month for $20.  Then you can just turn off and on your subscription as needed when you have small jobs that may come up.  Or if you just need to make code changes and are comfortable with code, brackets is a good solution ( Brackets - A modern, open source code editor that understands web design.  ).  Otherwise, as a paid alternative there is always Coda ( Coda  ).  

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            Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Adobe no longer supports any of the Creative Suite software. Their phone support will normally shunt you off to the forums right away if you call in with a CS6 or lower issue.


            The legacy Creative Suite installers don't run correctly under the latest Mac OS, but you can still run them.


            You should be able to follow the info here to get up and running: Installing Creative Suite on macOS 10.12 (Sierra)

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Modern Macs do not support the old Creative Suite installers.  You must use the terminal workaround described  at the link  in Jon's answer.


              That said,  Sierra and High Sierra are not certified compatible with CS5.  Good luck.

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                thomas s.c44037466 Level 1



                Thank you for your comments and the comments of Nancy and Ben. I'm not a neophyte but neither am I an expert.


                I clicked the link you provided and followed the instructions. IT WORKED. DW installed and functioning as it did before I installed the 2017-001 update.


                All this effort because the update froze my Mac. You would have thought the "Chat" help people could have told me the installer would not work with High Sierra after the update. Instead they wasted a couple hours of my time and in the process demonstrated they didn't have a clue what they were doing. In my eyes they looked stupid and made Adobe look stupid as well.


                Again, thank you to those that offered advice. Next time I will look to a forum before trying to get help from uniformed chat people.