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    Corrupted help menu

    MarekSzopinski Level 1

      When F1 is pressed I got message "Unable to display help. Connect to the internet...".


      Direct access to the help URL works properly. Turning off Kaspersky Internet Security doesn't solve this problem. All FTP connections works properly. Access to the help form Photoshop, Animate etc works as well.


      Moreover, when I configure offline help to use instead, it also doesn't work. I'm using Windows 10 Pro but configuration guide stops at Windows 8. It could be the reason maybe.


      Another surprising behaviour appears when I click Help / Dreamweaver Tutorial or other options. They are opened perfectly but... in Internet Explorer! My default browser is Microsoft Edge. When I use any other Adobe application, all links form Help menu open with Edge, not IE ! 


      What should I do to fix help menu?