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    Extra lines on printed page that are not on the PDF file


      Im having a problem where what prints out is different that what is on my PDF file on screen.


      Using Win 10 Adobe CC.   Using Illustrator files, placed in Indesign document, then exported as PDF


      My file is a road map atlas about 160 pages.  For some line layers (but not all)  when i print out, it draws a line connecting the endpoints of each line in the layer.  The PDF on screen is fine, the extra lines only appear on the printed page.  this just started happening today, i am using all the same settings in Illy, Indesign and PDF that i have been using for months, I have not updated/installed any new software/drivers in the last few weeks prior to this issue occurring.  The issue occurs regardless of which printer i use.  Text, area and point objects are unaffected.


      any ideas?



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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          I'd try and eliminate the issue by going back to the source files:

          e.g. find a page you've printed that has an issue then:


          1. Printing the Illustrator map that's on that page, FROM Illustrator -- does the issue replicate?
          2. Next, go to the page in the InDesign file, and print the page from InDesign direct. -- does the issue replicate?
          3. Thirdly, export the page to PDF from InDesign, choose Press Quality for PDF settings, then open that page and print.


          If the issue remains, please provide use with the exact settings you are using:

          a) when you export the PDF from InDesign

          b) when printing the PDF from Acrobat DC

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            Luke Jennings Adobe Community Professional

            If you are using .eps saved from Illustrator, try using .ai or .pdf instead.

            Are you using Acrobat to view the PDF, with the view overprint preference turned on?

            Are the problematic lines dashed?

            Can you show screen shots or provide a link to a sample file?

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