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    Digital Editions on Mac OS-X 10.9.5 crashes on opening


      I recently purchased a 2nd hand Sony e-Reader to replace one that got water damaged, but now I can't load any new eBooks because ADE won't even open on my mac mini. The very first time I opened ADE on the Mac Mini, it did open. I group selected all the new ACSM files to add to my library, which is when it crashed the first time. Now it won't open at all. I have ADE installed on a macbook air as well, but now it's telling me that the new books I've purchased have already been authorized on another device.


      Great, so I've just spent $100 on new books that I can't open on either of my computers because of this ****** software!


      I've tried deleting ADE from my Mac Mini, re-installing, and re-installing an older version - which also doesn't seem to work, it keeps showing up as ADE 4.5 in my applications folder. Nothing works! Seriously Adobe? If this is the only way we have of accessing these books, you need to do better with this software. It's been clunky from day one, and now it's utterly useless and costing me money.