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    URL shortening in AEM 6.3

    BigT168 Level 1

      in AEM 6.3, we define the URL mapping in the JcrResourceResolverFactoryImpl.config.xml file. When author selects a content URL as a path in the component dialog,

      if we render the url as <a href="${link.url@ extension = 'html'}">, the AEM automatically shortens the url. However, if we remove the extension <a href="${link.url}">, the AEM doesn't shorten the URL.


      Just wonder if anyone knows if there is a linker check related configuration to tell adobe only shorten the url when the path has .html?



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          Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee

          The URL shortening is a function of the LinkRewriter, and this rewriter acts only links containing an extension. If you omit the extension (e.g. ".html") it's not rewritten.



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            Hemant arora Level 4

            Add an exception to the link checker to tell it to ignore certain URL patterns. To do this, do the following:

            1. Log into http://[host]:[port]/crxde as admin
            2. If you do not already have a custom link checker configuration in your application then copy the node /libs/cq/linkchecker/config.author/com.day.cq.rewriter.linkchecker.impl.LinkCheckerImpl to /apps/[yourapp]/config/com.day.cq.rewriter.linkchecker.impl.LinkCheckerImpl
            3. Select the config node com.day.cq.rewriter.linkchecker.impl.LinkCheckerImpl
            4. On the bottom of the right pane, expand the Properties tab
            5. Double click service.check_override_patterns
            6. Add another override pattern for the URL that is being marked invalid
              For Example: if the broken links are all URLs with the hostname www.mycompany.com, then your override pattern would be: ^http://www.mycompany.com/.*
            7. Delete any nodes under /var/linkchecker corresponding to the invalid link's host
              For Example: following the example in the last step, we would delete /var/linkchecker/http/www.mycompany.com
            8. Click Save All
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              BigT168 Level 1

              Thanks Hermant.


              I think Jörg answered my question. Your approach will work for single site, I have multiple sites, don't want to put something only applying for one site.


              Thanks again.