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    Exporting issues with Animate

    edm6740923 Level 1

      I have created an animation in Animate CC for a guitar teaching app I am creating. It has the printed song scrolling from right to left while an MP3 of the song plays. It also has the chord symbols change at appropriate times in the animation so players will see when they should change chords. It works really well within Animate: everything is perfectly correlated. But when I export to movie (mp4, AVI, WMV, AVI), the scroll rate for the printed song changes so the chords are not changing at the right time. Has anyone had this problem? (It goes thru Media Encoder, so it changes the .mov to an mp4 using H.264 codec)

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It sounds like you have the audio set to Event sync, and you've made the timing work for your computer. If you are using Event, change that to Stream, then the animation will keep up with the sound, and the exported video should be perfect. With Stream sound you can adjust the animation just by scrubbing along the timeline, no need to press Enter.

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            edm6740923 Level 1

            I had a chat session with Anuj Singh, and he suggested the same thing. So I tried it but it did not solve the problem. And for some reason, selecting Stream degrades the sound quality. So he suggested cutting up the printed song (jpg) that scrolls. It is 5000 px long and he thought if I cut it up into smaller pieces it might work.So I will try that.