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    Updating Lightroom from over three years ago

    barcigua Level 1

      My computer crashed and I just purchase a new iMac.  My compter was fully backed up, but I can't reinstall it because the original download email says I can only download it for three years (I cannot reinstall it even though I have the serial number) . I had Lightroom 5 and need it again on my new computer, but paid to upgrade to the newest version of Lightroom 6.

      So,  I bought the $79 Lightroom 6 upgrade. When I went to install it the dialog box tells me it can't find the exisiting copy of Lightroom on my computer (which is only exists on my backup hardrive because I can't redownload it.

      Is it not valid for me to update? Do I have to purchase the full program for $149 vs. $79 upgrade? And if I go back to buy the full program how can I get reimbursed for the $79 I've already spent?

      I spend almost an hour on hold trying to figure this out before finally hanging up. This company is making way to much money to have such shoddy customer service!


      Thanks for any help or input.