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    Old Version of CC Apps not uninstalled after 2018 install


      I recently installed the 2018 versions of all the CC apps (photoshop, Premier, lightroom, After Affects, indesign, etc.). Looks like even though i selected the check box to remove the old version but still some of the old apps stayed on my mac. Photoshop 2017 and Illustrator 2017 are the issues which together take up about 4.5 gb which i would like to reclaim. All the 2018 versions work fine no problem. The 2017 versions prompt errors if i try to run them so basically they are taking up space. Any help would be nice. Also the uninstaller files in the respective folders in applications don't work either (errors when trying to run). Can i just move the entire "Adobe Illustrator CC 2017" and "Adobe Photoshop CC 2017" folders in the applications folder into the trash? I dont want it to affect the current 2018 versions.