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    Premiere seems to be creating its own (invisible?) keyframes?

    Ambari Level 1

      I have a simple animation--text flys fast onto the screen, hits a points, and slows.


      It involves 3 keyframes: a beginning frame off screen, a middle frame very close in the timeline to the first one, and then an ending frame at the end of the clip, but close in position to the middle clip.


      The problem is that the text zooms to the correct position, then keeps going PAST the final position, then reverses order to the final position.


      There are only 3 keyframes visible. I've even deleted everything and reloaded the asset and manually reentered the effect in case I had inadvertedly created some invisible keyframe somewhere. I can't figure it out. Why is the position moving PAST the second keyframe, then backuping up halfway between the second and third keyframes to end on the final keyframe?