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    cursor problem when making selections? [OSX 10.13.1]

    Bob Greenspan

      Hi! I just had an annoying thing pop up just after updating my mac to High Sierra-


      Now, when using the marquee tool to make a selection, the selection no longer starts from the center of the crosshairs, but rather above it a bit. I don't think I've changed anything in the photoshop preferences. Strange thing, there were one or two times it worked correctly, then on other files it was behaving wrong again.


      This happens when using the polygonal lasso tool as well as the rectangular marquee tool. My cursors are set to full size brush tip and show crosshair in brush tip in the painting mode, and other cursors it's set to precise.


      The only change I've made in any settings since installing high sierra has been to turn off tooltips, but I've turned them back on - didn't help.


      I'm running a MacBook pro, High Sierra v. 10.13.1, with 8gb of memory. Photoshop CS6.