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    customizing components in AS 2

    Level 7

      I've finally got my compnent close customized to where I want. Using
      setStyle and some nifty code right on the component itself. The box is
      transparent and only the test, loaded from and xml is visible. Last problme
      is I don't want the text highlighted with the ugly "Box"on rollover and
      play. I want to disable the box entirely. Below is the setstyles I am using.
      Thanks for any help. I tried getting rid of the rollover setStyle but that
      didnt work.

      //videoList.setStyle("embedFonts" , true);
      videoList.setStyle("fontFamily", "Arial Tur");
      videoList.setStyle("fontSize", 15);
      videoList.vScrollPolicy = "off"; // use "on", "off" or "auto"
      videoList.setStyle("rowSpacing", 2);
      videoList.setStyle("fontWeight", "bold");
      videoList.setStyle("textAlign", "center");
      videoList.setStyle("textRollOverColor", 0x000000);