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    Fontawesome Pro 5 glyphs in InDesign not working


      (Mac OS 10.9.5, ID CC 2015.5) I'm trying to use Fontawesome Pro 5 in InDesign. The glyphs panel doesn't work - insert a glyph, I get the glyph name (eg plus-circle) instead. The instructions are that you're supposed to be able to type the glyph name (again eg "plus-circle) and the ligatures are supposed to replace the text with the appropriate symbol. This isn't working either. Ligatures are activated for that font, and I've also tried turning on discretionary ligatures for OTF fonts via the Character control panel. Fontawesome the free version works perfectly - you can insert glyphs without issue.  Annoyingly, Fontawesome Pro glyphs DO work perfectly in Illustrator. Any ideas?