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    Paths going invisible in Illustrator?


      I'm working with objects with multiple paths in Illustrator.  I selected all my paths in one object, moved them slightly, and most of the paths went invisible.  They still exist: I can select them, but not see them except for the selected outlines. 


      Command Z reverts the last step, but does not reverse the invizibility


      I reverted to my most recent saved version, tried manipulating those paths - no problem.  Then I transform>reflected the whole object, and whoosh, most of the paths are gone again. 


      Reverted and tried again, could manipulate for a while, and then was changing one path's shape, and it disappeared. 


      Any idea what's going on, how I fix it and get my visible paths back, and avoid causing this problem in the future?  Illustrator paths going invisible.png