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    Photo missing from library


      As I was doing some Photo Merges and simultaneously Rejecting the component photos, Lightroom has managed to "lose" at least two photos (one of the component photos of the merge and the merged HDR DNG itself). The files are on the physical hard drive. If I try to import the file again Lightroom says they're already in the catalog. Synchronizing the folder does nothing. I've removed all Filters and expanded all stacks. Still can't get the photo to appear. Lightroom says 105 photos in the folder, but Explorer says 110. How do I get my photos back?

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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          You may have to simply uncheck "don't import suspected duplicates' just to get these images where you want them... don't worry you can delete the other instance easily by searching the catalog. Mind you this is not something to get into the habit of doing.

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            ashistohai Level 1

            Yeah, tried that too. Lightroom says the photo is already in the catalog and refuses to import it. I'd try to remove it and reimport but I can find it anywhere to remove it. I can only remove the entire folder, but that will lose any corrections I've made in that folder, right?

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              ashistohai Level 1

              Ah, mystery solved. The 5 photo discrepancy was actually some duplicate JPGs attached to some raw files. So the file I was looking for was there the whole time. Somehow my sort order got changed to "Custom" and the picture was just in a completely different part of the collection.