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    Issues syncing/downloading photos with Lightroom Mobile on iPad


      Hey everybody!


      I am currently on a gap year in Australia and decided to work my pictures with the latest iPad Pro and Lightroom Mobile (everything updated to newest version).


      All was well and I was very happy with the set up until I encountered the followinto issue: the cloud syncing on Lightroom Mobile is completely stuck and has been for a significant amount of time now. Additionally, as I started digging in the app to recognize the problem, I realized that some of my old pictures (that I uploaded and edited on the iPad as well) are not stored on the iPad anymore. By that, I mean that the picture needs to be downloaded from the cloud and that doesn’t work properly either (stay in terribly low resolution and can’t be edited).


      I offloaded the app (delete but keep the data), restarted my iPad and reinstalled the app but still nothing is changing. I am really afraid to lose my pictures and edits, so I’d really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks everybody




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          greule Adobe Employee

          Did I get it right that the older photos had been synced from your desktop and where not in an album which is marked as "store locally"? Normally when you import directly to your iPad then the Lr CC Mobile app will directly work with the original. When the original is no longer available, Lr CC Mobile needs to download the Smart Preview or Original , depending on your Cloud storage setting.

          Do you still have these issues?


          -Guido/ Lr Mobile QE