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    scrollbar UI component

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      Hi -
      I'm using some code ( which I was generously provided with on this forum) that "abbreviates" all of the properties I had been repeating every time I needed a text field. The problem I'm running into is that, when I need that textfield to have a scroll bar, I don't know how to get the two to work together. Right now I need a very long body of text to show up in the text area when a btn is rolled over. I have a UI scrollbar on the stage (off in the wings) but it doesnt want to "connect" to the dynamically created TF. How is this done??

      TIA some expert input,
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          jl2000 Level 1
          Hi - Ive done some more experimenting and did a number of traces to try to locate the TF being created and the results are "undefined". This is strange because the text is in place so it does exist. Doesn't it?

          The scrollbar appears on the page and I can change it's height, placement - but only in relation to mcHolder - not relative to the TF "description_t" which is placed on mcHolder at level4 at creation.

          Can someone please shed some light on this for me.