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    After Effects + PSD from Mac to Windows issue

    Kruskay Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I really need some help. A friend gave me an After Effect with a Photoshop file linked -where you just have to modify and everything instantly modify as well on AE-


      But he is on mac, i'm on Windows, and the file that are supposed to be the psd file doesn't have any extension.


      So instead of template.psd it's just 'template' and the extension file is set as 'file'

      I know that to modify the Photoshop file I just have to add .psd at the end but the problem is that then the After Effect file is missing "100+ files"


      So I would like to know how can I get these files and be able to modify them without breaking the link between AE and PS



      Thanks you very much...