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    Very confused about these clouds

    joachims25232702 Level 2

      This is may be too simple to ask but I am lost:

      With the PhotoPlan I get either 20 Gbyte if I stay with LRCCCL & PS or 1 Tbyte if I go LRCC only (for under 10USD; or LRCCCL&LRCC&PS with 1Tbyte for under 20USD)

      If I take the "All Apps" packagage, I seem to get 100Gbyte of some creative cloud, but can I use that 100Gbyte for LRCC? How much LRCC cloud space is then included in the Aall Apps" deal? (The default 20Gbyte?)

      I tried already with a PremPro Plan: The 100Gybte I get there have nothing to do with the LRCC cloud space!! That is what the support-chat says.

      I find this confusing, because for the Photoplan it says:

      "20 GB of cloud storage"

      and for a PremierePro Plan it says

      "Includes 100GB of cloud storage".


      So, these are then different clouds? At least legaly this is a confusing matter. Or was the help desk wrong and there is a hidden switch somewhere saying "merge clouds"? I strongly recommend Adobe to change their cloud wording quickly or clarify the matter.