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    Syncing stuck


      I have been working on pictures through Lightroom mobile on my laptop for a couple of months now. The last couple of weeks I’ve had issues with all the pictures I add syncing. It takes DAYS sometimes for them to completely sync and upload. It is now stuck syncing 12 photos and this hasn’t changed for 3 days so I am unable to work on the pictures. I turned to the internet! And so far I’ve updated my laptop, restarted it, removed the sync data, paused it on all devices and restarted them. When I open LR back up it is still stuck at syncing 12 photos!! Please HELP. I have clients waiting on their photos to be finished.

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          Neox99 Level 4

          I'll assume the issue is with Lightroom Classic?

          Turn off sync with the master switch (upper left by clicking on your signed in name) AND by clicking the check left of the collection name.
          Try removing the photos from the LR collection being sure to only remove them from the LR catalog NOT from 'Disk'.

          Import just one photo, put it in a new collection, toggle on the Master sync switch, then the switch by the folder.

          If it does sync add the other photos to the collection.

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