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    Alignment of elements change even though layer locked

    r_tist Level 1



      Is this a bug? Using Animate CC 2017... I have 2 separate layers with elements that independently animate (tween) on timeline. I made sure the alignment is as desired.

      Each time I test, I notice the alignment is 'off' after a time period of continuing to work and add on other layers... not too much but enough that it's bothersome. Anyone know how that can happen if those layers are locked?

      I even re-built one of the tweens by bringing in the graphical instance as a new name so it could not be confused with anything else or other instances of it that appear further down the timeline. (ie: a graphic becomes two different graphical instances/two different graphical files)


      Never saw this occur in older versions of Flash. Seeking the 'why'.

      Thank you.