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    Acrobat Pro 2017 & Form Display Problem

    oklahoma cityc40632715

      We have several forms that simply don't display fully, initially, when opening with the Pro 2017 version. They show fine using Pro XI, or any version of the Reader, but not Pro 2017. What happens is that when first opening the form it'll display some of the filled out fields, but not all. If you then maximize or alter the display window, it'll show fine. Even moving the window to another monitor clears the problem, but this isn't a monitor or graphics card problem. It happens on any machine where 2017 is, so it appears to be a bug unique to that version. Does anyone know of a fix for this in Acrobat 2017? Is it possible to revert to a previous Pro version using my same key?


      I'll also add that I just tested Acrobat DC and it does it there as well, so it seems as if it's unique to only the newer versions of Acrobat.