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    Flex Builder 3 annoying Navigator tree scrolling on Vista

      Hi All,

      If you're using Flex Builder 3 on Windows Vista, you may have noticed a new behavior where the navigation tree automatically scrolls horizontally to show the items you're hovering over. This "feature" did not exist in previous versions of Flex Builder. If you're like me, you growl and curse every time it happens.

      This isn't Adobe's fault, it's a new Windows Vista "feature" that was enabled by the Eclipse editor that Flex Builder is based on. If this feature annoys you, please go comment and vote on the Bug:

      In the meantime, you can fix this behavior by running Flex Builder in Windows XP compatibility mode. In your start menu, find your flex builder icon, right click and select "open file location". In the folder that opens, find Flex Builder.exe, right click on it and select properties. Under the Compatibility tab, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select Windows XP Service Pack 2. Press OK and restart Flex Builder 3. You should not see any more annoying horizontal scrolling in the tree.