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    Photoshop skin looks fine, Prints skin is super oily

    jon Chamberlin

      I'm trying to print 5x5 black & white photos of my boy on 5x7 Kodak Moments Paper and I'm having this problem where in Photoshop his skin looks fine (dry, clean, etc), but when the photograph is printed it looks like he's covered in baby oil - total grease ball. There's really no indication his skin is that oily in Photoshop except if I tilt my laptop screen you can kinda sorta tell there's a little shine, but in the prints it's all you see.


      I've done small PS edits with levels, brightness/contrast just to match other images. Other than that the image is untouched - no resizing, etc.


      The images are saved as .JPG
      Image size is 3456 by 3456
      72 PPI
      Photos are taken with a Canon T3I in Monochrome
      Photos are being printed at one of those Kodak Picture Kiosks in Target on Kodak Moments paper.
      (If you require more info, please let me know)


      Is there an easy solution to getting better prints? I believe it happens when I export (save) the image from PSD to JPG. I'm not crazy about altering the image too much in Photoshop. 


      Thank you

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, the short answer would be total lack of color management combined with those cheap photo printing booths often being poorly maintained and not regularly calibrated, either. you can fix things on your end, obviously, but the otehr part is a whole different question. You will have to talk to the "oparator guy" and ask for assistance or use a different facility to begin with where qualified personell can deal with such stuff.