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    I need advice on a low-profile video card for a Dell 7010 i7 computer for Adobe Premiere Pro 2017


      I need a low-profile video card for a Dell 7010 i7 computer.  I know that it is not a great computer to use, but it is all I have.  Does anyone know what boards I can use with Adobe Premiere Pro 2017.   I'm not making movies, just 30-second videos.  Time rendering is not a problem for me.  I would like to find something around $200 (even a used card).  I found a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC Low Profile 4gb Video card for $163 on NewEgg.  Would that work, or is there something better for the money? I have 16gb worth of ram on the computer and it is an i7 processor.  Any help would really be appreciated.  I'm on a very tight budget.  I may be able to go a little extra, maybe $250-300.  But it needs to be a low-profile board that will fit the computer.  Thanks so much for any help.  I'm new to this.