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    Help with OnClick HTML5 Canvas elements


      I am pretty terrible with Flash / Animate and Javascript in general. I am trying to better myself, and have made an interactive graph.


      I have made each "clickable" element display an alert for now, but would like some ideas on how to have it display something like a lightbox of sorts. The last time I used Flash etc was when Macromedia still owned it, so I may have some follow up questions.


      The end goal is to embed this 800px x 600px canvas on an HTML page, and based on the users click, it will display an element which explains their test results. I would like to be able to make the dialog a little more decorative than a basic alert. I would prefer it to auto center on the page like a lightbox does in most websites. Responsive of course is a big plus!




      Here is an animated Gif of what I have made so far.