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    So many bugs, so little time...

    jjoelpilger Level 1

      The more I try to use Lightroom CC, the more frustrated I'm becoming. It's literally unusable.


      FYI I'm running a super fast MacBook Pro with my catalog on a super fast SSD and I have a super fast internet connection. It should perform brilliantly. Instead...


      1. CC fails to launch / open my catalog 50% of the time.
      2. My catalog after migrating from Lightroom Classic into CC now has duplicates of all my images (20,000 ballooned to 40,000).
      3. Half of my images appear as grayed out / no thumbnails. When I open it, no image loads. No error message. Just blank.
      4. When I add images to an album, sometimes it works / sometimes it fails. When I quit and relaunch, my changes were not saved.
      5. When I delete an image, nothing happens. The image is not deleted. No error message. When I quit and relaunch, the image is still there.


      Is anyone else feeling like this software was released very prematurely?