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    Adobe has trapped me into another year of the annual plan


      Today is the last day of my annual contract with Adobe. As I am done using Photoshop for class, I want to cancel my plan. I've been trying to cancel my yearly plan for the past month, having received the one month notice and trying to turn off auto-renewal ever since. Every single time that I tried, I got a non-descriptive generic website error, and was unable to cancel my plan. Now, on the day that my plan ended, I assumed that I'd have the chance to try one last chance. I didn't, because Adobe charged me for the next month, beginning the next year of the cycle. Not only was I literally unable to turn off auto-renew (literally every single time I tried during the last month of my plan), I will now have to pay for Adobe's technical difficulties because they want to charge me $60 to cancel my plan (it's very convenient that it's only after they renewed my plan that the website magically allows me to cancel–with a fee). I am a film student, and in general use a lot of creative software. Honestly, it has never been this hard to turn off auto-renewal services for any other software or subscription I've used. This feels like thievery. I would understand if I simply ignored the emails and let my plan renew–that would have just been oversight on my part. However, the fact of the matter is that I have consistently tried to turn off my plan, and that it only worked once they forced me into my next year. That rubs me the wrong way. I've been a loyal member and user of the adobe creative suite for most of my college career, and was even thinking about starting up a plan for Premiere and After Effects after my year of Photoshop was over. Now, I simply want out of this plan. I'm a broke college student–Adobe is a large enough investment as it is without needless cancelation fees for a service I've already tried multiple times to cancel. It feels like I'm being taken advantage of just because I don't have disposable money lying around. I've tried to chat with somebody on their side, but haven't been able to get through. Has anybody else had an experience like this?


      To Adobe, I'd suggest being more transparent with your customers. Our money is the reason that you are able to exist as a corporation. I don't want to pay a fee because your website wouldn't let me cancel auto-renewal before my plan ended.