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    Sony Alpha 6000 video import without dates




      I've just imported my Sony Alpha 6000 folder (that is basically all the content from my SD card which I've backed up on my Macintosh). Importing photos is working greatly, but I'm missing the recording date of videos (MTS file). All videos have now been imported with the date of today.


      Is there a way to get the correct video dates? Does re-importing directly from the camera help?

      (as said I've imported everything directly from my hard drive, however the SD card has not yet been erased)?





      Update: I've now deleted all my images and re-imported them directly from the camera. On the import screen all images and videos are sorted correctly (recording date descending). The correct recording date of the videos is even shown in the popup text when hovering the thumbnail. But that's only before importing. After the import all the videos have got the recording date set to today. That's a bummer…