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    HTTPService request takes 100% cpu

      I've developed a Flex app that displays an organization chart of employees in a company. As the user navigates around the tree, it requests data as needed from the server using an HTTPService object. I've noticed that when the application first starts up, it takes about 7 seconds for it to load the data. During this time, my CPU is pegged at 100%, which causes the browser to be completely unresponsive. This happens in both IE and Firefox. Subsequent requests to the server complete in well under a second (usually ~200ms), but still use substantial CPU power. The data being returned from the server is in JSON format, and usually consists of about 5 nested objects with ~10 string properties each (this seems like a pretty light load to me). I'm using the corelib JSON decoder library. There is nothing different about the requests being made except that when the app first starts up, it makes 2 requests simultaneously (both from the same HTTPService object but with different parameters on the request) -- could this be causing the massive slowdown? It seems like Flex does a busy-wait while the first request completes before beginning the second. Through trace() statements added to my code, I can see it make both web requests one immediately after the other, the first one returns in under a second, then it waits for a long time before the second one returns. Googling for this problem hasn't returned anyone else experiencing this problem. Any help improving the performance of my application would be greatly appreciated.