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    High ISO - low noise rendition


      Hello, Haven't found the answer to a problem I have regarding this rendition initially in LR CC Classic and developed in PS CC.

      I upgraded to CC classic from CS5 non extended and LR4 because I want to get images (Pentax K5IIs 16MB each) shot at ISO above 3600 with minimal noise - without using Noise Reduction tools. A well known technique requires that a number of identical shots be taken (10 in my case, about !GB total) and developed in LR and then sent to PS for processing as: Alignment/Smart Object/Stack Mode/Median. The process balks at the Alignment stage until you stop after 20 min + of nothing... I tried switching from my external HD to the internal one (iMac 2015 with 16GB of RAM) with still ne change. My computer is running correctly and the Activity Monitor shows normal loading in "Memory". I can't figure out where to look and what to do next to trouble shoot. I'm new at LR CC Classic so I may have some settings/preferences  wrong although it seems that all was updated from my old LR4 during transfer...?

      Does anybody have some ideas on what to look for...?