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    Photoshop extensions not respecting document color space

    zacharyh93327619 Level 1

      I paint within Photoshop, and I'm attempting to improve my understanding and skills in color theory. My monitor is calibrated with an i1 Display, I'm assigning my documents to the correct color spaces, etc. I've run into an issue, however, with all non-standard color pickers in Photoshop. The integrated color picker (as well as the Color panel enabled under 'Window') can be seen to change noticeably to reflect the color space of a document, ensuring that the color as seen in the color picker looks identical to the color used in the document. By taking a screenshot of Photoshop, I can use the color picker to see that the color on the canvas is visually identical to the color given by the picker.




      This isn't the case with any of the other color-picking alternatives. The Adobe Color Themes addon, the Coolorus extension, and the in-build HUD Color Picker all seem to display in another color space, resulting in (with my wide gamut monitor, at least) them appearing far more saturated than the colors I'm putting onto the canvas.


      This isn't a massive issue in terms of color accuracy. If we select a max saturation red, the hex values will appear to be the same in both Coolorus and the integrated color picker. But they are rendered as different HSV values.




      Is there any way to force extensions to adhere to document color space?