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    Document Action will close

    medos20 Level 1

      Hi ,


      I'm trying to ask the user to change his mind if he didn't really want to exit from the (Opened PDF Doc),, so i go to Document Action at (Document will close) and write the following :


      var cMsg = "Are you sure you want to close ?";
      cMsg += "\n\n";
      cMsg += "Contiunue ? \n\n ";
      var nRtn = app.alert(cMsg,2,2,"Warning ! ");
      if(nRtn == 4)
      {// A yes Response
        // Code for doing the thing you do on a yes
      else if(nRtn == 3)
      { // No Response
        //event.value = 0; // assume do nothing
      { //Unknown Response


      But the Above Code is Closing the Document even if the user hit yes or no? ho do i change it to not close the document if the user hit (No)... thanks for any tip