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    Customers can't open my RH output

    ChrisBrewster Level 1
      I recently posted about a customer's problems opening a project I sent her. I thought it was because security had been applied to the files but I no l onger think this was the problem. Now I'm wondering if the "blocked content" message is related to the problem. The first recipient did get it open after trying several things. She wrote:

      "It took the help desk a while, but we were finally able to get in….they were not sure why it wasn’t letting me view as it should have, but saving the zip file to my desktop and then copying all the files out of the zip file on my desktop into a folder on my desktop seemed to work."

      A second recipient hasn't tried the above solution but wrote:

      "My computer is blocking this. Even when I say allow blocked content, it is making weird clicking noises and saying 'error on page'. Any ideas on how I should proceed?"

      Could this problem be related to blocked content? Any suggestions?