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    Hardware for editing 4K video in Adobe Première CC


      I have specific questions regarding the right configuration I need to be able to create videos in 4K with Adobe Première.


      The native format from the camera is XAVC S. The camera is a Sony FDR-AX100. I need to be able to mount 3 different 4K video tracks on a smooth way. I don’t want to use proxy media because this takes to many time to convert the files. I did this till now but this is very time consuming.


      I want to be able to move my cursor over the timeline and to see a fluid movement of the video. I have my camera 3 years now and I’m still to able to create a finished 4 K product. This is really frustrating.


      I bought just a new computer with the following components:


      • 32 GByte internal memory. (Team Elite UD-D4)
      • CPU Intel Corp i7 7700 S1151 8 Mb
      • 2.5” SAMSUNG SSD 1TB 960 EVO M2
      • 2 x WD Red S-ATA. 8TB 128 MB AMD
      • Radeon Pro WX7100 8GB GDDR5 Graphic Card
      • Motherboard Gigabyte H270M-DS3H LGA1151


      With his configuration I’m not able to scroll through my 4K video in Adobe Première. Can somebody give the golden answer what I need to modify to make this configuration working properly. It will be so helpful.

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          RjL190365 Level 4

          That configuration, especially the CPU, is just too underpowered for handling more than a single track of 4K video content. The CPU has only four physical cores (but eight processing threads). That type of work demands a high-end (read: "very expensive") CPU platform with eight physical cores and 16 threads, such as an Intel i7-7820K on an X299 motherboard with 64GB of RAM. And this is partially due to the lack for many years of a truly competitive product from AMD, until Ryzen came out earlier this year. During those years, Intel's like-priced "mainstream" CPUs have not performed significantly better than the six-year-old Sandy Bridge generation because Intel had little impetus to improve the performance of its like-priced CPUs outside of a few tweaks here and there. Heck, Intel's quad-core Kaby Lake i7-7700K still fails to match its seven-year-old i7-970 Westmere six-core CPU in terms of multithreaded performance unless the 7700K is significantly overclocked. (Your CPU is the non-K version of the i7-7700, which cannot be intentionally overclocked at all, and is clocked lower than the K version at both base (3.7 GHz) and four-core Turbo (4.0 GHz) modes.)


          So, it's back to the drawing board, I'm afraid.

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            Jeff Bugbee Adobe Community Professional

            Does lowering the render resolution help you at all?


            Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 12.02.16 PM.png

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              VIP-DESIGN Level 1

              Hello Jeff,


              Lowering the visualisation resolution doesn’t solve the problem. I tried

              this also in the past. The hardware configuration you proposed me, is it a

              configuration that you test in real. I’m prepared to take your advise when

              I’ sure it will work.  I will order the X299 motherboard and the Intel

              I7-7820X when I got your confirmation. The configuration that I have now, I

              bought on advise from my supplier but it seems to be an error and I spent

              already 2800 Euro.

              Kind regards.

              Daniel Cuypers


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                Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Those WD Red are 5400 rpm dirives and not suitable for video editing.  They should only be used for archiving and or backup.


                  What is the "2.5” SAMSUNG SSD 1TB 960 EVO M2"  either it is a 2.5" drive or it is an M.2 drive it cannot be both?


                  Where do you have your Project and media files?  I edit that media on this 3-year old laptop with absolutely no problem so far but I have not stacked three 4K clips maybe tomorrow I will have some time to try that.  I have stacked one 4K and 2 HDAVC succesfully. This laptop has been upgraded to two SSD's, 24GB of RAM and it has a nVidia GTX 765M.


                  Try putting all project and media fo a project on that SSD