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    Hair layer behind body is moving and distorting with the body, not the head

    motionsickfx Level 1

      With the removal of the staple system in Character Animator, I can't get the back long hair layer to move and attach with the head, and definitely can't add dangle physics to it. Currently, it moves with the body no matter which way I rig it, and dangle either doesn't work or adds the body to the dangle. Attached are pictures showing what's happening. Opening up previous puppet files that used the old staple system still works, but I can't replicate it with a new puppet in Character Animator CC.


      Set up 1: You can see that the back hair layer doesn't move completely with the head, and when I try to attach a dangle to the hair layer here, the body becomes distorted.




      Set up 2: Changing the hair layer to independent