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    I need Adobe support, but can't find my way through their maze

    darlah36422689 Level 2

      There does not seem to be an option to contact support about this.


      So, since I do have access here, and it is related to Fotolia, I'll ask, and maybe someone can pass this along to someone who knows.


      I got a notice saying my image was accepted.


      The image title was a vector I had tried to upload to Fotolia, but was bounced because the jpg was too small. I never submitted it.


      This was puzzling, so I went to look at my files.


      The most recent accepted image was a different vector which I had submitted, only the keywords and title were the meta data that would belong to the bounced image, IF I had attached it.  Which I didn't.  The metadata that I DID enter is gone.


      Not only is this perplexing and bizarre, I can't correct the title of the image that is now in my portfolio, and it's completely wrong.  This is not a design of Native American Pottery in Southwest Style.


      How do I fix this?