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    Lost my brushes


      Sorry if this is too simple to post here but all the results on Google

      haven't helped. Before it was updated, I created a brush in Photoshop.

      Then, it was updated to CC2018. When I tried to use a brush, the

      only brush that I can find is the brush that I created. I was able to

      finish what I was doing by using the command to use previous brushes.


      What I noticed was that Photoshop is looking for brushes under


      but it seems my brushes are under


      (there is something there that says "legacy brushes")


      When I click on the little "gear icon", I don't see anything

      about brushes, there is something about "presets"

      My main question is how do I get my brushes back?

      And how can I change the path so Photoshop will look in the right

      place or do I need to move the "legacy brushes" to my document