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    Cursors are 1 black pixel, cannot change back, even on menus


      Fully up-to-date CC install 64bit Windows 10 (also fully updated)

      My cursors for any tool, are a single black pixel.

      Driving me NUTS.

      The cursor pixel is also a tiny black spot when on MENUS as well, so selecting layers, different documents, pretty much anywhere outside the file while drawing, I'm still having this tiny single black pixel.

      Found pressing CAPS key does absolutely nothing, also killed all preferences, reset then a bunch of times. Nothing. I might do an uninstall and reinstall, but I'd just rather not?


      The single pixel dot is a tiny unnoticeable dot even when zoomed in, it's just...it's just unusable. Can't seem to find any fix.Sometimes when having PS as the not active window, I'll move my mouse over and I've got the round circle/brush size cursor back, until I click or draw, then it's back to pixel.


      Does this while running 0 or any extensions. I have everything back to default, did the ctrl/alt/shift and erased preferences like a dozen times on startup. I'm done, I am throwing in the towel, no ideas left!