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    Problems using unscaledWidth and drawRect in updateDisplayList

    zonathen Level 1
      Please help me with this one, it has to be a bug of some sort because it makes no sense. Maybe you have an answer or know a better way to do this. I am trying to draw a rectangle on the stage that is the same width as a column in a columnChart in my updateDisplayList overrided function. One would think that the unscaledWidth would equal the width of the new rectangle but sometimes it is off from the actual rectangle by a pixel.

      The weirder thing is if you look at the code the rectangle I am drawing is using the exact same value the column rectangle is using and even appears so in the debugger but when it displays it is off. Note that this happens sporadically for a random column or two and for the remaining columns the width of the new rectangle is exactly the correct width of the column. Why the heck would it change the width for one rectangle and not the subsequent rectangle that is using the same width value (unscaledWidth) and not show it in the debugger!!!! Aaaargh!

      I'm about to lose faith in flex bc this is clearly not cool. Really what I am trying to do is visually extend the column past the limit of the y axis maximum. Maybe there is some other way to do this that I am missing.