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    Lightroom CC losing internet during sync

    ddumitru Level 1

      Hi guys


      I am trying to migrate to Lightroom cc.

      Migration itself was done ok and now I am syncing around 350GB. My connection is pretty fast but I see Lightroom CC becoming unresponsive and behaving as if it is no longer connected to internet.

      When I start Lightroom CC on Mac OSX 10.11 I see an upload speed going up to around 3.50MB, it stays there for about 2 minutes, then drops to almost 0. All this time Lightroom CC shows "synchronizing photos" but there's nothing actually happening.

      If I do a speed test it shows that both upload and download speeds are fine.


      Any ideas how to move forward with this??


      thanks a lot


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          Neox99 Level 4

          Lr CC is a very new process. Only version 1.0.1.I imagine many thousands of new users are added each day, many trying to sync massive libraries.

          Bandwidth and server power has always been a restricting factor in internet technology (what we are using when we sync).

          My bet is Adobe is working hard at adding both.

          New technologies such as the HEIF and HEVC file formats will help make high quality files size smaller.

          New/improved file transfer protocols are being worked on.


          Best advise to sync problems? Patience Patience Patience and Try Try and again.

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            ddumitru Level 1

            Also very weird, if I connect through a VPN the upload speeds are significantly improved... but after a while I get the same behaviour with dropped Upload and LR CC unresponsive. I'll try again but so far it's a pretty crappy User Experience.