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    Illustrator Draw Deleted almost a year’s worth of art


      I logged into Draw for the first time in several months. I forgot my password so I had to change it, and after it changed all but 3 of my projects had vanished and I can’t find them anywhere. I did almost all of my artwork for a year on this app and now it’s gone. I have projects I still need to work on and I can’t find them, so I’m scared that they’re gone for good...

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Kellin,


          I'm sorry about your missing work. I know it's upsetting not to see it when you sign into the app. But, it sounds like you may have two accounts and signed back into Draw with a different Adobe ID than you used when you created that missing work.


          Have you ever used another email address for an Adobe product?

          Do you by any chance have a work account and a personal account?

          Do you have any other Adobe apps on this same device that could have automatically logged you in with a different account?


          Please let me know what you find.



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