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    Adobe Marketing Cloud User Access (Identity & Access Management)

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      In a typical Adobe Marketing Cloud  (AMC) implementation, there could be AEM, DTM, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, etc.


      1. All AMC products are cloud based, but out of this, only AEM is available on premises also correct?

      I heard of Campaign also, being available on premises as well.


      2. In such an implementation, if we have to describe User Access (Identity & Access Management), shall we do it for AEM alone or for some other products as well?


      3. If so, how? People Core Service is just for maintaining user profiles, but not for offering access.


      4. For AEM on premises, I am aware that we could authenticate users internally or based on an LDAP.

      How about the Cloud version?


      5. On Cloud AEM, is it Adobe, who creates and offers access?

      Who creates authentication and authorization functionalities for AEM on cloud?


      6. If we need access to the log files for a cloud based AMC implementation, who provides them?


      7. How could the client choose the location of his data? On a Database or JCR or MongoDB, etc?

      Is it decided only during initial installation or dynamically during usage of the system also?


      8. I am looking for answers to these questions for all DEV, Integration Test, UAT and Prod environments.


      Apologize for the number of queries.


      Appreciate your support.