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    Muse & OS X Server Problems Publishing


      I'm having serious problems getting my site up live via OS X 10.8.5 with Server 2.2.5.(long frustrating story on why not later versions) I've been self hosting a site created with Dreamweaver on a Mac Mini Server running 10.7.5 for almost 10 yrs with little trouble. I'm now trying to launch a new site, my 1st created with Muse, but I'm having serious issues getting it up and running.


      I struggled a bit getting my old Dreamweaver site running after the minimal server upgrades, but it's seems fairly easy now. I can't get my Muse site running beyond just the index skeleton, telling me "some files on the server may be missing or incorrect". I can test/launch the site in safari locally and it seems fine, but I can't get it online besides the index text skeleton no matter what. For a long time, following the same exact configuration my old site seems fine with, I'd get a 403 Forbidden "you don't have permission to access / on this server." I was excited to get the index launched, but now I'm stuck again. I'm wondering if Muse is exporting files the Server 2.2.5 can't read? Compatibility issues? I'm debating on upgrading to High Sierra and Server 5.4, but I spent too many hours trying and failing every upgrade in between. I never want the most current OS! Learned from that mistake many years ago.

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          monicav94869325 Level 1

          After more testing, it seems the Server just doesn't understand the MUSE export architecture. It's only reading the index.html. If I remove all the other files and folders it has the same exact outcome. If I double click the index.html file inside the muse export folder it opens the full site in Safari, seeing and opening all the files just fine. For some reason the Server doesn't see these files after opening the index.html.

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            monicav94869325 Level 1

            correct answer? I need a solution!

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              fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

              I don`t understand your server problem. Do you try to publish the site on your own OS X server? Is this your ftp-server?

              As far as I know, muse-sites run on ftp server without any issue?

              I kindly invite Ussnorway to this. Could you pass by and clear it up a little bit? I have in mind, that you quite used to this server issues?


              Best Regards,


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                Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

                Muse is not just html... your server needs a link to Adobe so that the widgets and such can access their code

                a self hosted server isn't trusted by Adobe (for good reason) and I assume that is the core of your issue


                why do you need self-hosted instead of an Adobe BC?

                why do you need Muse instead of Dreamweaver i.e, are there widgets in the design?

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                  monicav94869325 Level 1

                  Thanks for replying Uwe! Yes, Ive been using my own server for over 10 yrs if you include earlier towers converted via Terminal & Apache besides the MacMini Server. As for an ftp-server? Yes, but not fully functional, used to post files for clients to download without needing upload time (faster access for clients, but I've never had it set up so files can be uploaded from outside the local network, something I planned on adding in the near future if possible). One thing against me, I've always had assistants with more time than I to spearhead these server set ups. I've had to play catch up doing it all myself now.

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                    monicav94869325 Level 1

                    I'm a DIY creature of habit, been self hosting my site for many years. The main reason to self serve was always to avoid paying for an external host service (probably saved $1,000's by now) and to have much more flexibility & control, no data storage limits, can FTP or post files for clients to download without needing time uploading. I had no idea Muse doesn't export fully self contained sites or I may have gone a different route. I guess it's too late now, as I've learned Muse fairly well and have become attached to it. I changed from Dreamweaver to Muse to create a more responsive HTML5 site, more accessible for phones and tablets. Also, I had assistants who knew Dreamweaver pretty well. I never needed to know more than minimal basics and that site was always flash based which eventually really held us back. Aside from that, I wanted to learn Muse to offer some level of web design on the side for friends and clients, where it seems more user friendly than Dreamweaver.


                    I hoping this is possible, as I really prefer to remain self-hosted. I've come across others who have Muse sites working on OS X Servers, but I do think they're using more current versions. I've lost track of them though. Maybe I'll relocate and reach out to them for any advice or info they might share. Is there a way to get Adobe to trust my server? Would installing Muse on the server help? Or is there a way to get all files embedded in the site?


                    Thanks Ussnorway!!!

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                      Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

                      yes it is holding you back... Flash is dead!


                      no installing Muse on the server will make no difference because its the path to Adobe that you are missing and (apart from here in Australia) that can't be self hosted... my own hyperviser is hooked up to Telsra but our national network is a special case


                      I know you don't want to pay for hosting but if you have been using Adobe for a while then you may in fact have spare slots;

                      log into the portal https://ava-next.worldsecuresystems.com/PartnerPortal/Customers.aspx


                      even a fresh account gets free test sites but you may have a spare "partner slot" its worth a look?

                      Screenshot (323).png


                      imo OS X Servers are harder to maintain than Windows servers and I'd recommend you look into Hyper-v (free) as a better DYI option... especially for local file transfers because enhanced session is a strong point of Hyper-v i.e, the server can pick which harddrives and devices you share with the host | server | client on a session by session base


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                        monicav94869325 Level 1

                        Yes, I've been aware of Flash dying for a long time, but for the most part it garnered many compliments for it's retro classic creative feel and the only negative was being incompatible with phones and tablets, which I know is huge these days. It still lives, but I guess in a limited sense.


                        Thanks again for your help, but this is very upsetting to me. I wish I hadn't even learned Muse now. Yes it's still somewhat attractive as far as doing work for others(secondary), but it's basically useless for me in my personal digital bubble. Yes I can host else where, but aside from possible cost, that really limits my ability to toy and experiment in the way I've become accustomed. I guess I could start relearning Dreamweaver, but would that end the same? I've already spent many many hours building my new site, I'd hate to start over. Really wish this was more widely known, almost no available info regarding Adobe blocking out personal small servers. I can't believe they would do that. You say for good reason, but why is it ok in Australia? There are sketchy people all over the world. I just can't believe Adobe would hold the "little guy" back so much. I've really lost faith in them! I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The customer/end user will never mean as much as the share holders in the world. It eventually happens everywhere.


                        I'll be taking advantage of the partner portal opportunity, but even that's difficult if you want to use a custom Muse built site. I see many complaining about how you have to export and upload with 3rd party FTP apps and even finding help or info in how to do so is not easy. I'll also consider trying a different server in the future, but that wouldn't solve this problem either.


                        Thanks again for your help! Sorry to complain so much.