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    HELP publishing to Web

      I have recently been learning Director at college and have made a director movie which I would like to publish in its' entirety to the internet as my website.

      I have produced a Dreamweaver designed website before but have no real training in it so I'm stumped if it means using code unless it's extremely simple. I'd rather be able to publish my Director file direct to the web than use it as a basis to redesign the whole thing in Dreamweaver.

      Is it possible to publish to the internet and if so how? (Laymans terms please)

      Many thanks for any help or directions you may be able to give.
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          Level 7
          In Director, you can go to File, Publish Settings and tell it what you
          want published. To make a webpage, you would select the dcr and html
          options. That will make the dcr (director program) and html ppage to
          embed it into. There is no reason to use Dreamweaver at all unless you
          want to edit how it looks.

          You do have to be careful if you use xtras, though, since some of them
          may not be shockwave safe and therefore will not work in a browser like
          they do in a projector.
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            This is my unfinished website http://www.tallerdg.com (i hope someday finish it), and it's made only with director; have some linked swf files, (and some errors). As Mike Blaustein said, do all the design procces inside director, and in the "file/publish settings" options, select "shockwave file (dcr)" and the html, and publish.
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              Lindsay_Broadley Level 1
              Thanks for responding.

              I've actually done that already and change the background colour for the html page to black but it kept it as white, not sure why. Ideally I'd also like to centre it in the users window - is this possibe?

              My main problem though is I don't know what to do once I've published it. Do I just need to buy hosting and add the link that the published director file makes on my hard drive?
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                There are various templates under the Publishing Settings dialog, one of
                which centers the SW movie in the browser.

                Once published and you have a host, you need to upload the compressed
                movie (dcr) and the HTML file it's embedded in.
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                  Lindsay_Broadley Level 1
                  Me again..................just made some adjustments and the movie is now centred with a black background so I'm happy about that bit.

                  Now onto getting it online!

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                    SAYEG Level 1
                    Well, in my case, use dreamweaver to edit the html; in dreamweaver, add a table with the size of my dcr (988x558 pixels) and add the dcr inside, then center the table in the html. This table will have the dcr background color, and you can edit the rest of the html background, in my case with a image. When you publish your movie, name your dcr wathever, but your htm must to be named "index.htm", because this is the called file when somebody type your webpage. In my case, i buyed a hosting service, and i load all the files to the server, trought a fxp program. I hope this help.