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    Adobe Marketing Cloud - Ability to configure data back-up and recovery for data

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      In a typical Adobe Marketing Cloud  (AMC) implementation, there could be AEM, DTM, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, etc, with AEM alone being on premises and all other products on cloud.


      How to configure automatic data back-up and recovery of data?


      1. JCR is the main data store for AEM.

      For AEM On premises, I see Online and Offline Data Backup and their trade offs.


      2. In AAM and People Core Service also,data is stored.

      Do we need to back up this data as well?


      3. Adobe Campaign also stores some info.

      Will Relational Database Backup and Restore kick in for this?


      4. Is there any other potential place, where data is stored and we need to consider this functionality?


      Are any tools provided by AMC out of box for back-up and recovery of data? Again, I acknowledge AEM tools for this.

      What tools are typically integrated for this purpose?


      Appreciate your support.