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    Copy photos from Mac to iPad without Cloudservices


      Hi people,


      Because I work with privacy sensitive clients sometimes, I'd still like to have
      a portfolio without putting peoples pictures up to the cloud.


      So I'd love to know wether it is possible to sync Lightroom CC mobile (perhaps other Adobe app) via USB
      with my mac so i can bypass putting my pictures in the cloud.


      I'm really looking for the answer to this question for a long time. I just don't trust the cloud...


      Thank you so much for your advice and help in advance!




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          Neox99 Level 4

          Shooting with the Lr CC camera will sent your shots to the cloud. If there's a way to prevent this I haven't discovered it.
          If you don't want images in 'the cloud' just use any of many other apps which have a camera. Even the one native to your device.

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            Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Lightroom CC is built by design around the Adobe cloud ecosystem exclusively, so it supports syncing only through Adobe cloud servers, for now at least.


            Lightroom Classic CC has various ways to sync with a folder on the desktop or through non-Adobe cloud services. If you wanted to build an iPad portfolio without going through the cloud, you could use Lightroom Classic to set up a Publish Service to sync with a specific folder on your computer, and then set up Apple iTunes so that when you sync the iPad with a USB cable, that same folder syncs with the Photos app on your iPad (see this link and scroll down to "Sync your photos manually with iTunes"). Maintaining your portfolio would then be almost automatic, with no cloud involved.


            That’s only about maintaining an iPad portfolio by pushing images from a computer out to an iPad. If you also need photos you take with the iPad to transfer to the Mac without the cloud, in Lightroom Mobile on the iPad you would have to pause syncing so that they don't get uploaded, and then use the Share or Save to Camera Roll (for JPEG images), or Export Original (for DNG raw images) commands to copy the photos out of Lightroom Mobile and into an app you can sync with a cable.

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              Ferdivds Level 1

              Thank you so much for your reaction!
              Indeed I can prevent my Apple Photos Library to sync with the cloud, but since
              I use that privately that is the Library I want to keep in the cloud. There are no
              special photos on that part.


              It is merely my Pro Work I like to keep from syncing to the internet.

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                Kastphoto Level 1

                Seriously why is this so difficult.  We should be able to easily export an album of finished work.  I feel like I keep hitting road blocks here. The BIGGEST one is that you can NOT export an album or share it to any cloud service. Only ‘share to web’ which doesn’t get the files to my google drive account.   So to get that option you have to open the album and export or share online only 15 photos at a time? What the hell is that? I have an album of 100-500 photos why do you not allow a full export?  It takes me forever to export an album manually 15 photos at a time to the cloud.   Did anyone beta test this app before it was released or am I paying to debug this? 


                Also it should be easy enough to hook up the iPad Pro to my desktop computer and simply transfer the files over but alas you can’t do that either.  Nor can you hook up an external drive to the iPad and do it that way. However that seems to be an Apple problem.


                Im using the iPad without a desktop on the go, MOBILE. I upload my photos from SD card to iPad Pro and start editing.  All I want to do is cull, edit, export and upload a series of photos.  I don’t get why it’s either not easy, not intuitive, or not barely possible.


                Furthermore why why why can I not select each album or folder individually to sync with your own creative cloud service?  It just only auto syncs everything? Wtf?  That’s worthless to someone who is editing a huge album like a wedding or family portrait photographer.  Ive got 20-40gb of raw photo data from each gig I am processing.  I DONT need any of that synced online, just the final product, the finished album.  So instead i have to turn it off entirely.    I’ve got 200-300gb of photos that I’m editing and distributing at any given time. Yea right sync that.  Not to mentioned it’s entirely a waste of broadband internet and hogs out my roommates.