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    Focusing on one image?


      First, I work on a Mac with mouse that is set to allow scrolling either horizontally or vertically by lightly moving my finger over the top of my mouse.


      In Lightroom Classic, when I'm in library mode and scroll H or V, I move through the images currently in the filmstrip.  When I go to Development mode for an image, I'm focused on it and scrolling doesn't change the image I'm working on. 


      With Lightroom CC, I don't see any way to go into Development mode or to focus on an image. And so if accidentally touch my mouse the wrong way it scrolls through the film strip and thus I switch images.  This is happening all the time and makes it very difficult to work on an image.


      Is there any way to have the equivalent of development mode?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure I completely understand your question. Are you clicking on the little icons on the right side of the Lightroom CC screen? You have to have a single image displayed. I have clicked on the topmost icon to reveal the editing tools that I have showing.


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            the-anders Level 1

            @JimHess - I'm not referring to how to access the tools or to have a single image fill the screen. I'm talking about how to not have my mouse scrolls map to changing the image that I'm working on.


            What's happening is that when I move my mouse over the image, if I lightly brush my finger over my mouse, which happens frequently, the image I'm working on is changed.


            This behavior is identical to what happens in Lightroom Classic when in Library mode. If you do a horizontal or vertical scroll, you go through the images. However, when you go to the Develop mode, scrolls do NOT change the image.


            So what I'm asking is - is there a way to go into a Development-like mode in Lightroom CC so that you can't change images without actually clicking on a different image in the filmstrip?

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              No. Lightroom CC doesn't have separate modes like Lightroom Classic CC does. I have noticed that Lightroom CC will jump from one image to another occasionally. I guess that's the nature of the beast when working with images in the cloud. I don't know for sure. Maybe we just have to be a little more careful. Not a very good answer, for sure. Probably why I don't use Lightroom CC that much.

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                the-anders Level 1

                I don't think it has anything to do with being in the cloud, per se. I think it's just that the program is trying to be simple and maybe they thought a separate development mode was confusing.


                Unfortunately, like a lot of stuff in Lightroom CC it is, IMO, too simple to the point of being not very usable.


                I don't seem to have a problem with using the touchpad on my MBP, but with a mouse, it's pretty much unusable for me.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  As I understand it, the goal is to have a consistent interface across all devices. To accomplish that goal is going to require a lot of compromises and some rethinking on the part of the users. Lightroom CC will evolve and probably change as time goes by. However, I have become so accustomed to how Lightroom has been used in the past that I prefer working with Lightroom Classic CC. That is my program of choice. I have looked at Lightroom CC occasionally, but right now I don't really take it very seriously.