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    Replace Page, Layout and Links

    ahagner_kcig Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      I have an issue while replacing pages. Please let me explain my case for better understanding.


      - I have a table of contents in my document, which I imported. It was a word file before.

      - Using Adobe Acrobat pro I added links from the entries in the table to the chapters in the file.

      - I had to do some changes in the table of contents, so I reworked the word file (some page numbers and words changed, but not the structure).

      - I used the Preplace Page function to replace the existing table with the updated version.

      - Since the data did not change position but only content, the frames for the links fit perfectly and work well.


      Now my colleague tried to do the same and his links did not find the proper position (or the words did not find their frames).

      The page size seemed to change a little, but I don't know how to check the exact page size, so I can't confirm that.


      We used the exact same files (uploaded by me to the cloud, then downloaded by him and also downloaded by me again).

      We both use Adoba Acrobat XI Pro.


      Doas anyone have an idea what can cause the difference in outcome? Any suggestions on what settings we shall focus?


      Regards and thanks in advance